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20/10/2015, 10:26 AM
So, not wishing to Jinx anything but hopefully we'll pick up enough points to survive in the Prem. division, if this season is anything to go by we need to do some serious rebuilding for 2016...

So what do we need ?
a Keeper? a reliable centre back or two (emphasis on reliable)? a creative ball playing midfielder or a screening defensive midfielder or a link player in midfield to negate the need for hoofball... and maybe some cover up front? so assuming we have 3 wishes here and that we're not going to do a massive clear out... what do we reckon?

I think Keeper, Centre Half and a linking midfielder to get us forward playing football... no more long ball stuff please...

11/11/2015, 10:23 PM
I largely agree with your analysis. Galway conceded 61 goals so that is the obvious problem that needs sorting. I think there was two main reasons Galway conceded so many goals:

1) Poor organisation from set pieces and restarts. This can't solely be solved by signings (obviously good signings help) and is something Tommy Dunne and the coaching staff need to address.

2) Making poor use of possession. Galway have a few quick attacking players so the temptation for a team that is under pressure is to play the percentages and play the ball over the top for them to run on to. However this was an overused ploy last season and just lead to the ball coming back at Galway constantly. This in conjunction with a lot of technical errors in possession lead to a lot of goals and unnecessary pressure. Here I think one (preferably two) players in and around midfield who can calms things down and link play would make a massive difference.

If it was my choice I would prioritise signing the link players in midfield and then bring in a centre back.

Glad that Tommy renewed his contract and with the players who have so far committed to staying on.

26/11/2015, 4:03 PM
Jake Keegan gone to FC Edmonton it seems. He will be a big loss.