View Full Version : Possible Ireland V USA match in Boston

16/01/2002, 6:37 PM
no chit here lads..heard something the other day about an Ireland V USA game to be played in May after Ireland leave dublin as a stop over game on the way to Japan.

The game would open the new stadium here in boston, replacing the old Foxboro stadium that has crap view lines, poor seating, and its fricking cold all the time :D

the new stadium which is almost finished is only a couple of hundred yards away from the old foxboro stadium..

actually saw it on the news there yesterday and it looks class

anyway thats what the rumour is over here so was just wondering if ye heard anything that end??

16/01/2002, 6:48 PM
So Mick 'n the lads be taking the scenic view to japan route? ;)

But ain't Foxboro at least 2 hours drive from boston or something in middle of mew england? Would that be the CMGI (former high flying tech company) sponsored stadium?

16/01/2002, 6:49 PM
seeing as there is already a date pencilled in against the US in Dubland it seems unlikly dosent it?

16/01/2002, 6:51 PM
yea thats the new state of the art CMGI stadium
looks chit hot, check it out for latest stad features

check it out here..cool site actually some v good features

NE Patriots site (http://www.patriots.com/Stadium/new_stadium.sps)

its not that far from boston actually and the transport there is fairly good...

yea the talk was that it would be a return of the dublin fixture

16/01/2002, 6:56 PM
how bout this comparison facts sheet

the CGMI stad (http://www.patriots.com/Stadium/new_stadium.sps?state=stadiumfactchart)

1000 stadium television screens
eh we can dream of that for Lansdowne road eh :D

16/01/2002, 6:58 PM
Wow that looks good! reminds me of Lansdowne Road :D

the webcam is class

16/01/2002, 7:36 PM
Seen webcam before when was being built.