View Full Version : all island league/cup

15/01/2002, 5:00 PM
Interesting to see the online petition has 197 signatures by today which a lot of support for the IL.

16/01/2002, 10:46 AM
yeah, goin really well so far. hopefully people will keep signing. anyone got suggestions as to how much longer i should leave it up?

A face
16/01/2002, 1:19 PM
It'll never see its full potential !! 'Cos the majority of people are not online and will never even hear of this petition ... shame really 'cos i would imagine alot of people would be interested in seeing something, how about through supporters clubs to try and get more signatures then see where you are. What do NLU think of it ... what is their slant on this ... if it is worth doing Eanna, then it is worth finishing. Go for it man.