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14/06/2001, 4:50 PM
An Bord Pleanala has upheld the appeal by St Patrick's Athletic to proceed with the construction of a new stand at the Inchicore (west) end of the ground. An Bord upheld the decision by Dublin Corporation including restrictions imposed re noise levels, signage, drainage, usage of the corporate facilility and a one-off payment to Dublin Corporation. It rejected the appeals by a small number of objectors.

General Manager Gary Branigan is delighted with the decision: "It's great news for St Patrick's Athletic and a tremendous reward for the whole project team who continue to work hard, against the odds, to improve our spectator facilities at the Stadium of Light."

Supporters now await the announcement of the Minister of Sport's Capital Programme Grants. The Supersaints applied for a 3m grant towards the new stand.

Watch this space for further details on the grants.

We are delighted to announce that a building company has commenced on site at Richmond Park and over the next four weeks we expect to have the Camac Side of the ground terraced and the walk ways around the ground covered.

We appreciate your patience with regard to this work being carried out and we look forward to these improvements making supporters' enjoyment on matchdays a little more comfortable.

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14/06/2001, 5:12 PM
excellent news - is this stand going behind the goal?

14/06/2001, 5:13 PM
That is brilliant news!!! For a long time now my biggest fear had been that we would get left behind as other clubs re-developed their grounds,now hopefully we can start bringing Richmond Park roaring into the 21st century.Just one or two questions...will the objectors have any more comebacks available to them that would further delay the project,and I thought the planning permission decision was'nt due til July?

15/06/2001, 8:50 AM
Does that mean you won't be able to sing in the new stand?;)

15/06/2001, 1:32 PM
Looks good...

New stand (http://www.angelfire.com/zine/pedros/indeximages/newstand.jpg)