View Full Version : Can "Town" snatch Prize-man

14/06/2001, 1:56 PM
Jonathan Prizeman's future is still unclear. Aalthough he is linked with a few clubs he will not be a Shelbourne player next year.

Prizeman moved to Shels last season but he failed to get a look in.

Dundalk have agrred a fee for the unhappy midfielder. Longford Town are still hopeful of a last minute snatch.

Currently sunning himself on holidays, Martin Murray will hopefully secure his signature on his return.

Sir Rantalot
14/06/2001, 2:05 PM
i think he'd be a great signing. But then again, any new names in the club will be good........all this speculation is making me angry.

Daniel McD
14/06/2001, 2:27 PM
With all this last minute player snatching, Longford are going to become the next $hels .. leave him alone !!!!

14/06/2001, 3:13 PM
After such a great start and run in the League, and Cup. Where did it all, if you wanna say, go wrong?

14/06/2001, 3:33 PM
Mc Guinness is on his way to Dundalk!!!!!

Pauro 76
14/06/2001, 3:38 PM
Errr..... Premier Div football for another season, European football, great ground improvements, best fans in Eircom league, yeah, things are really going tragically wrong for us!

14/06/2001, 3:47 PM
Snatched away from Pats (or will he after he speaks to Fat Pat?) -so stop moaning at us Daniel, or I will be forced to go on a 'we hate thursday' campaign against you (even though you don't support the move!). :)

Daniel McD
14/06/2001, 5:38 PM
Ha ! Its the same with Harkin ! We start the negotiations, then you hop in !! I think we'll try and sign Robbie Brunton and see what happens !

If you're starting a "we hate Thursdays" campaign then you have my full support.

14/06/2001, 6:44 PM
Whats the story with all these midfielders, what we badly need is another striker, especially now that "No-goals" Robbie has left the scene

14/06/2001, 8:07 PM
What ever happened Tony Izzet, the player who scored goals for fun, he also won leading goalscorer in the first division!

He is a fine player and would fit in well at "De Town"

Daniel McD
14/06/2001, 10:36 PM
Tony Izzi had a verbal agreement with former manager Terry Eviston saying he did not have to train, and would just play games ...

When Eviston was sacked, and Murray took over, Murray wanted to change this. Izzi had another year on contract, but refused to change his plans when MM asked him to train. Izzi also was to be on holidays back either and miss the first League game. MM did not condone this either.. and when Izzi failed to report, he was placed on 2 week suspension, every 2 weeks, without wages, for the rest of the year

Free agent now .. wasted talent

15/06/2001, 12:36 AM
Tony Izzi is only a money man. I don't want him near LTFC or even to have the club linked with him!!!:mad: