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07/01/2002, 8:47 AM
After yesterdays results Bohs really would have had a real chance of winning the league if we had beaten Shels last Fri week.
The league is still an impossibility but runners up is certainly not.
Say goodbye to the Rovers' title challenge and welcome back Cork and Pats.
It has to be down to these 3 now and the sensible money is on $hel$ even IF Pat$ do bribe their 9 points back.
As for the cup- Name on Trophy. :)

07/01/2002, 9:46 AM
Strongly doubt it mate, "Ye're only 1 season wonders" as Derry said!

07/01/2002, 11:45 AM
Pats will probably get 6 points back today & if we win our game in hand could be a thrilling 4 way tussle for the title...

If we can hang in there in the next few weeks coul dbe some huge city games in february.

Pats look like favourites at the moment.

07/01/2002, 12:52 PM
i said from the start,pats are the biggest threat to us and shels for the league. forget rovers and derry.

Gunthers Mask
07/01/2002, 8:40 PM
Now they have got their 9 points back(unfairly) Pats are the team to beat