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Gunthers Mask
05/01/2002, 7:19 PM
As an Eircom league fan I am a bit disappointed to see no eircom league players on the Irish team. I wouldn't argue with Micks team selections and to be fair to the man he is doing a great job and he is about the only manager I support ( cheap-shot at gunther)

Couldn't Ireland just play Eircom League players in the B team.If Glen Crowe is on the fringes of the senior team then surely he could play for the B team along other Eircom league players.

This would help promote the Eircom League to fans who don't know about football beyond England and Scotland and may push up attendences.
It would also improve our players and help them in European games as they would be used to playing good foreign players from the internationals.
Internationals could be held at various stadiums around the country eg at the cross and judging by the good attendences at the under 19 tournament in cork it would give the F.A.I. and the Eircom league good publicity.

However I doubt this will ever happen as the F.A.I. will want to keep the squad full of English second and third division players

06/01/2002, 2:16 PM
i suppose the simple answer is the quality isnt there at the moment....be realistic lads, hopefully in the future but not at the moment....

06/01/2002, 5:07 PM
there's one or two good enough to get in squad. scully, crowe, baker bros?

Gunthers Mask
07/01/2002, 8:01 PM
But at least it gives the players confidence and pride in representing their countries. The results wouldn't matter it is the "b" squad after all. I not asking McCarthy to bring a team of national league players to the world cup

09/01/2002, 2:20 AM
This has been done to death.

Firstly I'm a Bohs fan and admire Glen Crowe. However I do not want him to be part of the international team at this stage. He is not good enough. He has potential and may be good enough in the future.

Yes, despite the increase in standard of LOI football in recent years, there is still a gulf between LOI and Premiership. Therefore, LOI players should not be in the national team.

So what's the point of a B international anyway?