View Full Version : Will Keely get it right for 2002?

14/06/2001, 12:09 AM
After such a disappointing season for the reds, losing the title on the last day and failing to reach the later stages of the FAI cup. Can Dermot Keeley steady the rocky shels boat in time for another assault.

With plenty of dilemas on the mind of Keeley, Foran, Scully, staying or goin? should Dermot have been sacked? considering Damo Rico came closer than keely to both trophies and was let go.

A face
14/06/2001, 12:28 AM
Us beating Shels in the final game, not because i dont like shels, because, Bohs have a better chance in Europe now, having been seeded from last year, this is one good thing i see in the league this year, i hope all the Irish teams do well.

14/06/2001, 8:36 AM
is it true that he's taking a year sabatical(sp?) from his teaching job to go full-time?

14/06/2001, 9:22 AM
Thats definitely true. Keely giving up his teaching job to give fulltime management a go! What a life them teachers have :rolleyes:

14/06/2001, 9:43 AM
or maybe he's just going on strike for a year :)