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04/08/2012, 10:57 AM
Why do the people in charge not change the team at all, and especially with all the new signings made in the transfer period?? After seeing all the friendly games we played in the last few weeks, I though Graham kelly was probably are best player in them and probably would have gotten motm in 1or 2 of them and he was seen leaving the ground last night with his gear just before kick off with another player.
I dont know if its just me or would a few of the new lads do a better job then the lads in the team??
Zambra, hanlon, shane o connor and maybe hueston, these lads never play a great game and always seem to give the ball away to easily but always seem to be starting for some reason, and with players sitting in the stands that play in the same positions, it seems a waste to me.
Zambra probably plays because of his dad being on the bench, hanlon has no end product and can barely beat a defender on the wing, shane doesnt seem to have the ability and hueston could be good as an impact sub. kelly for zambra, king for hanlon, webbie or donney for shane, and when marty is back for hueston.

What do other fans think of this?? There was alot of frustrated fans last night....

04/08/2012, 6:30 PM
The new lads are doing a better job. I wasn't at the match last night but I know what you mean. IMO, Zambra is dirt and defo only on the team because of his dad. Shane O'Connor isn't great either. I think Houston has improved since last year. Hanlon is okay but as you said he can't beat a defender. I think Akinade should be starting infront for him.

I think Daire Doyle should be starting more. He is a good player and has been at the club for a long time. If everyone was fit, I think they should (I would) play a team like this:

Dooney Danny Mitch Massey
Doyle Mulroy Kevin O'Connor
Akinade Byrne Waters

Also, I think Devo buys the players and Long picks the teams for matches.

Martinho II
04/08/2012, 10:20 PM
why is daire doyle not playin for ye as much as previous seasons?

05/08/2012, 5:12 PM
I thought Graham Kelly absolutely stank against Bradford to the stage where I felt sorry for him!

11/08/2012, 9:33 AM
The coaches must have been reading a bit of this but they must have stopped before the hanlon part, he had another shocking game last night, marshall came on and pretty much showed him how to play on the wing. And what was quigley trying to do in the 1st half with that cross.

11/08/2012, 2:37 PM
The coaches must have been reading a bit of this but they must have stopped before the hanlon part.
Devo: 'Better check foot.ie to see who the experts say we should play tonight', sounds plausible alright!

16/08/2012, 7:32 AM
Personally i don't buy into the "Zambra only plays cause his dad is on the bench" thing what so ever. Do you honestly think Devo is that much of a pushover that he lets a coach dictate to him to is in the starting 11? Also, lets not forget, Ross Zambra, who i really rated as a player, was also at Bray, rarely got a look in and was released from the club, why didn't his dad play him? Since leaving the club he has gone onto to play international Futsal for Ireland.

17/08/2012, 3:08 PM
Dean plays an important role, does the ugly stuff that most fans won't appreciate. I think he deserves his place.