View Full Version : Bob blasts Bohs boo-boys!

04/12/2001, 9:59 PM
Bob McKenzie of Soccercentral.ie - the same guy who had a go at Derry fans for their Hutton-Judas jibes - has now attacked Bohs fans for abusing Pete Mahon.

Read here (http://www.soccercentral.ie/viewstory.asp?id=5650&mainheading=Other&viewstory=yes).

He seems to have something seriously against eircom League supporters...

05/12/2001, 2:31 AM
I think it's his inference that Bohs fans are racist that most of us are taking exception to. Where does this guy get off on writing such negative pieces?

05/12/2001, 11:09 AM
You have to wonder if that guy attends games or just gets his info from other journolists & then does a Dunphy on it to get noticed?


Pauro 76
05/12/2001, 4:45 PM
Bob McKenzie, does he do Dublin FM 104 sports news?

A face
05/12/2001, 10:17 PM
He is definitely trying to be the anti-hero, but you can see from the quality of his writing just why though. that article above is the perfect example. There is little or no information, his "angle" on it while very obvious he is trying to slate the supporters, he has written the piece as if he doesn't have an opinion on it. "you have paid your money and you have the shirt" "the true football fan". You could almost take him seriously if you hadn't seen some of his other stuff.

"Those who did this should hang their heads in shame at the disgrace they have brought on the team which won a League and Cup double last year. The Eircom League doesn’t need it’s champions saddled with sad, small minded boneheads who are an absolute disgrace to the game"

You would swear he was The National Leagues biggest fan, from that last paragraph but next week he will come out with something totally undermining the League, giving the impression he hates the league and football being played in this country.

The thing is though, their are people who will take this buzz word garble seriously, he could do alot of damage to the National League, the League he loves sooo much.

The guy is a pratt, plain and simple :confused: