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naoise kennedy
23/03/2012, 10:26 PM
Well , what was worse tonight ,our performance or the ref's performance..

How can you give a player a free header in the first 30 seconds of a game.. we then got into the game a bit more or at least most of the team did,, giggles had a woeful first half, late tackles, slow to the ball and bad passing.. bray came for the second half with a bit of a fight, got the goal. then gave away another soft goal and then massey got sent off. Ok the bray player was being pulled back when they both fell after the tackle but massey should not get involved, he did go over and help the bray player up , while leaning into the drogs player, not a straight sending off but maybe a caution. Then bray just fell apart, at one stage we had 3 players that normally play in the centre playing across the back.. Last played well when he came on for mitch (hope there's not too many stitches)..

As for the ref .. worst i have seen in a long time,, they are ruining the game


23/03/2012, 10:47 PM
I didn't think our general play was too bad, but the defence was caught on the hop far too many times, even when we had 11. Jayo played quite well, some decent passes, and he has a fantastic touch for the LOI. Waters and Hanlon were looking pretty lively, without being actually threatening. I thought Massey was playing well until he got sent off ass well. I was following the play, so I didn't see the incident, but no matter how things happened, it's always stupid to get sent off for a reaction, and that finished us.

The big disappointment was that every time we made a mistake at the back, Drogheda were all over us instantly. Goals 2 and 3 came from an inability to clear the ball properly. 4 was a good pass through from Drogheda, but perhaps if we'd had our first choice centre half pairing, they could have picked it up better. The less said about the first one the better.

I've seen Bray play a lot worse, but we're going to need to cut out shipping silly goals if we're going to stay clear of the drop this season.

naoise kennedy
23/03/2012, 11:15 PM
Hanlon and waters did have some nice touches and movement was good at times but our back line is all over the place. Massey is not a centre back he should be left back and houston moving up to mid field, he had some lovely runs when he got going. conor butler gave away 2 silly peno's last week but he looked ok at left back against derry,, our back line should be webby/o connor, mitch, sweeney/last, massey .. but because these players are not available we are moving other players to cover and then leaving our selves open in other positions....

On another note any body notice gary dempsey at the game.. any rumours