View Full Version : Pats match

naoise kennedy
09/09/2011, 11:55 PM
Initially when i saw our starting 11 and there positions, shields in the defense and one of our best defenders on the bench, it looked very strange, but it seemed to work for much of the first half.. shane played well and even jake had some good runs and really looked to be up for this match..

But then the second half, pats came out fighting and i think bray stayed in the dressing rooms, they controlled the match,our midfield was nowhere to be seen and our strange defense fell apart, even though it did look like a peno from where i was..

Gary Shaw and Shane O Neill looked better up front than Connor Murphy ever did,, Shane gets at the defenders much more,,

What about the ref,, he has to be the worst i have ever seen,, how did he miss Danny North punching Shane then again neither lino saw it either...