View Full Version : Off to Japan

15/11/2001, 4:23 PM
2-1 on aggregate.

Given solid again, woeful final ball by Iran & thanx phluck only 1min left when they scored (too soft goal IMO)

Wheres me atlas, maybe i could get sponsored to wak to Japan or something.

Have heard of someone going via trans-siberian railway though. ;)

15/11/2001, 4:27 PM
planning a route there via sweden ;) and poland :D
not sure of exact route now, but we'll sort it in the morning

u up for going?

15/11/2001, 5:12 PM
....irish companies looking for business in japan so they can organise a few junkets.....

Sure i'm always available to search the internat for ruotes, book me tickets & bail out at last minute ;)

Buy your tickets here...

Fifa (http://www.fifa-tickets.com/WebSales_Coll/stopeng.htm)