View Full Version : Derry match

naoise kennedy
16/07/2011, 7:22 AM
A real game of two halves,, during the first half we played good passing football and created some great chances, can't understand how at least 1 did not go in.. Mitch had Zayed under control and Daire was causing problems down the flank.. But this all changed in the second half, we stopped passing and playing good football ok Derry did step up there game but we totally fell off ours,, during the early season Bray played better in the second half of match but this has changed lately..

On a player note,, Mulroy, even though i taught he had a good game needs to pass the ball quicker, he kept running with his head down when he could have released faster,, Danny needs to pull up his socks big time,, his play has fallen off over the past few weeks,, Gregg could be stronger coming for the ball,, a few times Mitch and Dell expected Gregg to come for the ball but did not..