View Full Version : U C D Match

naoise kennedy
13/05/2011, 11:04 PM
Another 3 points on the board, delighted for conor to get those goals he gives his all through out the match,,, can't understand how all the other chances were missed it looked like it was just one of those games ..

Shane o connor had a good game and fitted into the team very well since its his first game also daire doyle got a few good tackles in to win a few for bray,, dan mcguinness made all the difference in the second half, got passed his player and put in some good crosses,,, mitch and del again won the air challange still can't see why the peno was given.. jake had a better game, he's getting passed a few players but not getting the cross in.. massey and shane o neill had one of those nights, massey gave the ball away so much and shane looked tired..

14/05/2011, 1:47 PM
the peno was given because dempsey climbed all over the ucd lad, it was a definite peno and gary new it when he did it..
It was a good win though against a determined ucd team.

I'll have to disagree with you naoise about young mcguinnes, his delivery was poor, only had 1 good cross out of probably 6-7 attempts, but i did like the fact he attacked the left back which i love in a winger..

16/05/2011, 9:50 AM
We saw 2 Bray sides on Friday night. First half we just never got started, UCD made all the running and were by far the better side. I was quite impressed with their No.9 and No.7, never stopped running all game. No complaints about the peno at all, Dempsey went up for the ball but was sitting on the UCD strikers back at one stage before the 2 of them landed on the ground, Gregg though was unlucky not to keep it out.

What ever Devo said at half time worked wonders because it was a different Bray side. We came out and dominated UCD and created chance after chance. Barron in the UCD net played a big part in keeping the scoreline down, he had a fine game. There was also a few really poor misses from ourselves but we kept at it and it finally paid off with a 2nd. Goodm to get back to winning ways after the defeats to Sligo and Pats.