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Jablonski #9
26/04/2011, 9:16 AM
Mulranny Utd.
Achill Rovers
M. Halligan

Charlestown Athletic
Ballyvary Blue Bombers
A. English

Claremorris ‘B’
Kiltimagh/Knock Utd.
M. Moran

Urlaur Utd.
Westport Utd. ‘C’
J. Mulroe

I presume the Claremorris 'B' - Knock/Kiltimagh game has been put on at an earlier time an an attempt to deter the notorious travelling support in this one. The vicious firm, the KKK (Knock/Kiltimagh Killers), have been known to play holy fcuk with rival fans on away journeys. Expect a few "Private Function" signs to be posted up around the likes of Hanley's and Warde's. The Claremorris firm are no slouch either though; I got a wallop with a bottle of Buckfast at HT once by one of the infamous DSE (Dalton Street Elite). Fireworks and Claremorris Grins at the train station around 1.30 or 2pm if extra time is required.

26/04/2011, 1:16 PM
Won't the Mulranny Utd Ultras not pose us the same problem though on Sunday? The last time we left "The Swamp" in Currane poor old Ronán Spáirt was lucky to get away with minor injuries after they chased him and pelted him with handfuls of sheep nuts, and Crystal Swing had his shoe laces swiped from his left boot - the dastardly *******s

Last i heard Pep Francis got a nail bomb sent to him in the post and theres some serious links back to the mulranny fans with it- the sickly bright orange envelope they used was a clear signal.
Rumours of megaphones being employed by Ultras hidden throughout the expected capacity crowd to deter Rovers players with their flamboyant football style are gathering momentum as the count down to kick off continues.

26/04/2011, 2:12 PM
there must be nothing goin on down in achill.
achill rover and jablonski seem to have alot of time on there hands. great imaginations!!!!!