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09/11/2001, 1:11 PM
Republic of Ireland team:
Shay Given, Steve Finnan, Gary Breen, Steve Staunton, Ian Harte, Jason McAteer, Roy Keane, Matt Holland, Kevin Kilbane, Robbie Keane, Niall Quinn

09/11/2001, 1:41 PM
Isn't it time Andy O'Brien got a chance. He's being doing great for Newcastle.

09/11/2001, 4:58 PM
Originally posted by Brine
Isn't it time Andy O'Brien got a chance. He's being doing great for Newcastle.
A World Cup play-off is hardly the right place to give a guy a chance. One for the future though...

09/11/2001, 6:05 PM
Andy O'Brien should be told to p*ss back off to England, where his heart lies. He's another in the line of morrisson and butler style mercenaries. I'd rather have someone completley useless who respects the jersey than scum like these.

The Legend
09/11/2001, 7:56 PM
Did you have the same comments about Ray Houghton before 1988? and after?

09/11/2001, 8:50 PM
Firstly- Ray Houghton etc., played for ireland without begging another country to pick them like o'brien, butler and morrisson, therefore, different scenario.
Secondly, (and I'm not getting into another debate over this) I've said before, this thing about picking players on the granny-rule is a joke and a national embarassment.

Gunthers Mask
09/11/2001, 8:59 PM
Some good players have played for us using this rule.On a lighter note at least Keano is playing we need him for both legs by far he is our best player

13/11/2001, 4:27 PM
Over the last week the common consenus in the media and general football public in Ireland has been Ferguson has been very accomadating to the Irish soccer team allowing Keane to Travel to Ireland and play last Thursday well Mark Lawrenson was just on Talk Sport you can listen to it on the net , talking about Thursday game and he went into the whole Keane affair , basically Lawro reckons this is what happened Keane's Knee was a bit sore for a couple of weeks no real great problem at the moment, could have played against Liverpool. But the week before this game he was in "talks" with Mc Carthy over Keane Mc Carthy asked Ferguson not to risk him against United and in return for this Mc Carthy would not request for any Irish friendlies until Uniteds season is over. Fair deal says Ferguson knowing that if he didn't play Keane against the Pool he could refuse to let him travel to Ireland anyway regardless of his "agreement" with Mc Carthy. So the monday after the Pool game Ferguson starts all his " I don't think Roy will even travel over to Ireland", naturally Mc Carthy was a little shocked at all this , so he gets in touch with Alex who tells Big Mick that Roy's knee is still bad and may need an op ... , he tells Mick that he will let Knee play the home leg , but he must be back at United the following day regardless of what state his knee is , if Mick says no,Ferguson says he will not let him travel to Ireland at all and because hasn't played for United in a while there is nothing that McCarthy can do. Mc Carthy had to say yeah and thus Keane plays on Saturday is back in Manchester the next day and on Thursday when Ireland will be Iran Keane will be training for United.

Oh Yeah, on Football Focus last saturday morning they were certain that Keane would not even travel to Iran ....

13/11/2001, 4:38 PM
Firstly Lawrenson is a sellout & i've lost count of the number of times hes referred to england as "us" :rolleyes:

I presume Merchandiser Utd are playing at the weekend & therefore Roy Keane will almost certainly play for them.

It shpws how used to Fergusons "tactics" people are that everyone surprised Keane travelled over for home leg.


The Legend
13/11/2001, 10:43 PM
Has anyone seen the iranian equivalent of this forum at www.irankicks.com

It's pretty funny to see the Iranian's going on about their team... and a few irish commentators too.