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20/05/2004, 7:44 PM
No I haven't lost my mind. It may interest Lillywhite fans to know that your Ladies team who won the Premier league Cup last season are currently leading the Premier Division of the toughest league in the Country the Dublin Women's Soccer League.

They are managed by Tommy Tasker, and have the Republic of Ireland Under 19 International Goalkeeper Janine Pepper . They play home games on Sunday afternoons in Eamonn Hiney Park, check local press for details and it doesn't cost anything to go to their games just a bit of shoe leather to walk around the Oriel Park pitch to the Under 21 pitch at the back.

21/05/2004, 6:18 PM
If only Dundalk mens team was doing so well :mad:

Yeah I have a friend who plays for Dundalk City W.F.C so I know a good bit about them, Janine Pepper is in my school & her sister is in my class!

Just in case you did not know
Dundalk F.C Men's Team
Dundalk City W.F.C Womas Team

21/05/2004, 6:51 PM
Well they play in Eamonn Hiney Park same place as your Under 21's and they wear the exact same colours as ye. Close enough by my reckoning. They still deserve your support.