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16/05/2004, 6:54 AM
Alan Blayney & Roy Carroll

What a different story for two of Northern Ireland's young goalkeepers.
Firstly young Alan Blayney celebrated a sensational Premiership debut for Southampton against Newcastle United in a 3-3 end-to-end thriller.
The result denied Newcastle a chance to play in the European Champions' League next season.

On the other hand, spare a thought for his Manchester United's counterpart, Roy Carroll.
The County Fermanagh lad looks set to be omitted from United's FA Cup final starting line-up.
Carroll's impressive form, especially in the semi-final win over Arsenal, may not have been enough and it looks like Tim Howard will wear the coveted number one jersey against Millwall.

Crusader Al
18/05/2004, 9:21 AM
Yeah great to see Norn Iron have no shortage of good keepers at the mo - there's ...

Maik Taylor (Brum)
Roy Carroll (Glory Glory Man United)
Alan Blayney (Soton)
Celtic's Reserve Goalie (Hero of Barca)

poor Elliot Morris from the Shore Road and of Glentoran, well down the peeking order ....

Plastic Paddy
18/05/2004, 9:33 AM
I think you're both barking up the wrong tree, lads. The NI-qualified goalie on Celtic's books is 19 year-old Michael McGovern from Enniskillen and not David Marshall, the bhoy who played the blinder in Barcelona...

:) PP

18/05/2004, 2:34 PM
poor Elliot Morris from the Shore Road and of Glentoran, well down the peeking order ....
:eek: :confused: Is Mr. Morris partly Chinese then CA? :D

Taylor had a good season......not bad for a German.....he should replace Oliver Kahn!
:rolleyes: :D

Lux Interior
18/05/2004, 4:49 PM
Thanks PP.......ditto for him,re.NL treatment,alas?

Sweet Jesus :rolleyes:

Lux Interior
18/05/2004, 10:03 PM
Well,Puppet-state fans hardly known for their tolerance towards Celtic players & their employers.....not their fault,some of the fans are paranoid bigots!Look @ OWB for proof.......!

Like I said, Dev, "sweet Jesus" :rolleyes:

19/05/2004, 8:45 AM
I am in no way condoning violence/threats/abusive behaviour, politically-motivated or otherwise and I believed when I subscribed to this forum that it was purely football-based.

We all have our own political opinions but, please guys, do we have to air them here?

C'mon friends, stick to the foot.ie :ball:

Crusader Al
19/05/2004, 10:31 AM
And what treatment did certain Glasgow Rangers players recieve on international duty in Dublin ....

Was it a "hundred thousand welcomes" ? ;)

Crusader Al
19/05/2004, 10:35 AM
Correct me if I'm wrong, but UEFA or FIFA also saw fit to "comment" on the Republic fans welcome afforded to these players, eh ?

Crusader Al
19/05/2004, 12:44 PM
It's part of the our 'culture'.....Remind me also,when did Ireland last invade a country,install a load of planters & then complain when the totems of these invaders were rightly slagged off.....


America ? :p

Crusader Al
19/05/2004, 12:54 PM
Australia ?

Crusader Al
19/05/2004, 12:55 PM
Many parts of the UK, like Glasgow, Liverpool and London (N London N4) ..... :D

Lux Interior
19/05/2004, 5:42 PM
London (N London N4) ..... :D


Al, be prepared for a one-sided rant from Chuckie McDev, from his plush two-up, two-down in Kilburn :p

Lux Interior
19/05/2004, 10:59 PM
You have an even worse grasp of postal district/codes than the auld German governor's mail service has........

Would address more seriously if i were you,the issue of SOME osc.fans giving death threats to NL & doubtless to the hapless M.McG.,were he ever foolish enough to play for them whilst still a Celtic employee......

London postcodes don't interest me.

"SOME osc fans giving death threats" .... yeah, one nutter with 20p and a nearby phonebox .... but, hey, I guess that doesn't sit well with your jaundiced view of our support.

The "issue" has been done to death elsewhere, Dev. The net result being that our support was pilliored and we lost one very average player. The amount of support Lennon actually received from all quarters was less well documented.

You won't have read that in the 'Irish News' :rolleyes:

As for your last comment, I'll treat that with the contempt it deserves.

Lux Interior
19/05/2004, 11:39 PM
You don't read the news then.....ano.death threat from unionist sympathisers.....re.NL over the w/e.......symptomatic of the planter constituency...!

So it was "unionist symapthisers" (grrrrreat euphemism) and not "osc fans" this time? I'll take that as, erm, some back-handed compliment.

And, yeah, like death threats are just "symptomatic of the planter constituency". Begorrah, you'll be telling me next that Cheeky Charlie was 'finking of da vermin' when he smuggled all those guns in years ago.

Just another ill-bespoken generalisation from your predjudiced soul.

I mean, seriously, do you ever re-read what you type before you press 'submit'?

Crusader Al
20/05/2004, 7:53 AM
Not by force......& not by Planters in the osc....... :(

Apache Land Unfree Shall Never be at Peace ... ;)

Crusader Al
20/05/2004, 9:41 AM
Is that Duncan Gardner ?, he used to be a regular on ILFs and in fact has just recently re-appeared .. :eek:

Lux Interior
20/05/2004, 11:51 AM
To the extent that the Puppet state sunk to 124 in the world...... :D :D :D :D ,Neil Lennon was recipient of Celtic's Player Of The Yr.award & received ano.death threat from your'pals' in Glasgow......hardly so insignificant,Huh?!

Also,as for Mr.Mc G........for once I hope a Tim plays for the rotten osc.team....v.rarely would I claim the moral high ground,but wont have to then!The same fascist,anti-nationalist constituency will give the poor Bhoy a traditional bigotted welcome......which does reflect badly on your decent,if misguided(& indoctrinated!)fans!

Oh, so now the 'threat' was from our 'pals' in Glasgow ....just how many more tenuous links do you want to post?

"Fascist", "anti-nationalist" .... get it off your chest, Dev. I mean, does the sight of all those 'six-counties' flags flying at Lansdowne for Ulster's 1999 Heineken win still rankle with ya? :D

[Lux suspects, the inherent Oirish paranoia will conclude that it was da britz afterall]

Lux Interior
20/05/2004, 12:20 PM
What! :confused:
So you deny a strong physical & cultural link between the loyalists in the north/osc(c.45%+)& the W.of Scotland......you talk some serious Brown stuff! :eek:

The unionist fraternity are not exactly known for their 'liberal' views & well-known for their fascist :mad: links,by Paisley,Adair,Hutchinson,Robinson et al.......If you haven't realised this yet,suggest you read the local papers(& don't mean the Irish/AndyTown News!)...........or ask yer pals who play in Blue?!:D

Have a problem with the bast*rdised red hand,wherever it is flown.....unless in a museum where it belongs! :D

The "loyalists" - would you be referring to the labelled group of people who polled around 2% in last November's elections or the wider 'Unionist' fraternity who - like myself - have no interest in the West of Scotland, except it's harbours?

No denying historical links in the West of Scotland - why would I -, just curious as to why this alleged death threat has anything to do with me, or "45%" of the community. I'll say it again ..... T-E-N-U-O-U-S .... and even then, with the aforementioned 2%

What are these "well-known fascist links", or are you getting confused with Dev's tacit support for Herr Fuhrer (Sean Russell, anyone)?

You are this year's grade A student and finest purveyor of Muppetry.

[PS; you sure it wasn't da britz?]

Lux Interior
20/05/2004, 12:36 PM
Let this 'argument' of the facts go into the unionist denial mode........sad & pathetic!

Not really, in fact you're about the only poster on here that manages to work his/her own prejudices into every post.

Yep, "sad and pathetic".

Now, back to the title of the thread ..... Michael Ingham is now in the NI squad for the upcoming Carribean tour - a great fillip for the lad who's been on loan (from Sunderland) to Wrexham this season, after 6 years on the fringes of the Sunderland first team.

Ingham, Blayney, Taylor, Carroll .... relatively strong for keepers ... and there's a young lad at Celtic too who could be vying for the jersey.

Not forgetting our own Elliott Morris :cool:

20/05/2004, 5:04 PM
Ingham's former club Cliftonville, would pocket a much needed 30,000 if he makes his international debut. :ball:

22/05/2004, 7:17 PM
Sorry A.....yer surely not that naive?!
Not naive, just matured into adulthood.
Something I feel YOU have not quite grasped yet.

Get with the program D!
Your inciting-sectarian comments do nothing for this forum and have no place in today's society.
They are both abusive and offence to the majority of the people in NI but, I'm sure when you concoct your drivel you are already aware of that and this is where you find your warped delight.
So grow up or, just go away and play with your lego bricks or Barbie dolls until you have something constructive to say.