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Plastic Paddy
30/04/2004, 8:53 AM
Any ideas anyone?


One Brian Kerr
30/04/2004, 8:55 AM

I'd keep on looking at the Charlton website as i imagine they'll be selling them direct

30/04/2004, 6:39 PM
The have just added an area on the site for on line bookings for prem lg games, news is that its being tested in time for when tickets for the ireland games go on sale

01/05/2004, 6:53 PM
on sale through ticketmaster on tuesday morning 25 adults

02/05/2004, 10:07 AM
Have a look in the national team forum ;)
Mabye we can merge the threads? :)

04/05/2004, 6:44 AM
I went to the charlton v leicester game and at half time they advertised the game and said that tickets were on sale tuesday morning from 9am from ticketmaster...... :rolleyes:

as for the fai site, well they dont know their ars*hole from their earhole so im not surprised its not on there until the day before the game :rolleyes:

Bring Back Mick
04/05/2004, 8:07 AM
No tickets on ticketmaster yet

04/05/2004, 8:48 AM
Is this definitely happening? No way i want to miss Ireland games on my doorstep but still can see nought about it on FAI website.

04/05/2004, 10:29 AM
Phoned Charlton this morning, they said that ticketmaster would definetly be selling the ticket's bought over the phone, but no date when they were going on sale, they just said later this week.

04/05/2004, 3:28 PM
This has to be the **** up of the century :rolleyes:
Irish post is advertising the matches complete with dates a competition to win tickets whilst the FAI (f*ck all intelligance) haven't even confirmed the tournament let alone the tickets!
I also don't want to miss an Ireland game on my doorstep so any option will be good for me!
Still nout on ticketmaster, ticketweb or the Charlton Website :(
Info I got so far is
Ireland vs Nigeria Sat May 29
Jamaica vs Nigeria Mon May 31
Ireland vs Jamaica Wed June 2
All matches at the valley

Please post any info asap

P.S Davros I'd be up for it if you could get 4/5 tickets for me at the valley. If I haven't heard anything by Thursday I'll pm you.

04/05/2004, 3:38 PM
This has to be the **** up of the century

Probably a slight exageration there...

If the FAI say its not official yet, you'll just have to wait...

04/05/2004, 11:21 PM
you'll get in....!
Anyone based in London have any idea what type of demand there is there?Will these be sell-outs?Valley holds no more than 25k I presume...

05/05/2004, 8:25 AM
Anyone based in London have any idea what type of demand there is there?Will these be sell-outs?Valley holds no more than 25k I presume...

I see there being a big turn-out from the Irish contingent in London. There's a whole load of us here and I think the tickets will go quickly.

05/05/2004, 8:54 AM
I reckon the Valley will be packed out easily for these games given the large Irish/Nigerian/Jamaican populations in London. The Valley is a good venue. Was really surprised by what a great little stadium it is.

05/05/2004, 12:20 PM
I reckon the Valley will be packed out easily for these games given the large Irish/Nigerian/Jamaican populations in London.
Yeah-the idea behind the tournament is to unite the three biggest ethnic minorities in Britain-should be great craic :)

05/05/2004, 6:40 PM
it seems that charlton are begining to sell off hospitality package places so something is occuring.

Subscribed to a charlton news letter which had this on it...

Unity Cup hospitality

Hospitality package information for the end-of-season Unity Cup international tournament is now available by calling 020-8333 4030.
The competition, which is due to feature the Republic of Ireland, Nigeria and Jamaica, will begin on May 29th.
Further ticket information will soon become available through the usual channels.

guess the FAI are deciding if they are in or out still?

07/05/2004, 2:04 PM
Have heard this morning that all the contract's are signed and that ticket's will be going on sale tomorrow morning @ 9am on the ticketmaster hotline.

07/05/2004, 4:21 PM


07/05/2004, 4:22 PM


07/05/2004, 4:23 PM
Jamaica V Rep Of Ireland @ V0599

Day: Wednesday
Date: 02/06/04
Time: 19:45
Price Range: 0.00
Internet Onsale: Sat 08/05/2004 at 09:00

07/05/2004, 4:45 PM
I presume Irish living in Ireland can get them through this medium?

07/05/2004, 4:46 PM
at long last, should be a good couple of games.

07/05/2004, 4:49 PM
I presume Irish living in Ireland can get them through this medium?

should be fine mate i have ordered tickets on the irish site before and have had them delivered to england.

should give you the option for mail delivery or collection on the day.

07/05/2004, 4:51 PM
Hi guys, new to this site - but have checked with Charlton & Ticketmaster. If you can't get the tickets online, then there's a phone number specifically for The Unity Cup - 0870 380 0019. Again, says only on sale from 9AM SATURDAY 8TH MAY.

07/05/2004, 5:08 PM
Nice one Kevski :) you living over in England?

Wonderin if the siuation in Nigeria at the moment will effect whether they send their team over or not?


In a statement on Friday 7 May 2004, commenting on the violence in Nigeria, FCO Minister, Chris Mullin, said: 'We are concerned by the reports of deaths from violence in Central Nigeria, and call on all those responsible to stop. We stand ready to provide assistance to address urgent humanitarian needs.'

08/05/2004, 7:58 AM
Guys, it's 8:58 I'm online now waiting for 9:00 to book ma ticket :D
Look foward to meeting ya sylvo, PP, Lopez :D This is going to be great

08/05/2004, 8:39 AM
Qauter to 10-ticket master don't have them up yet-the unity cup line has had us on hold for the last 15 minutes :confused:

08/05/2004, 8:43 AM
Just got off the phone the phone at 0870 380 0019 and they said tickets have been postponed-phone back Monday :confused:
What are you guys going to do?

08/05/2004, 9:02 AM
Aw well-looks like I could have had a lie in till the kick-off of the OF game :rolleyes: Never mind.
Tell me what you guys are going to do yeah?
Cya soon (i hope) ;)

08/05/2004, 9:14 AM
Me colleen has just been told three different story's by tickmaster ,they told her they had sold out even though on the website they said they were not on sale, another call they told her they were going on sale on monday, when she phoned Charlton they said that the game's were still not confirmed and they would not know until wednesday.
I got a feeling these game's are not going to happen @ all.

08/05/2004, 10:58 AM
Theres no way the can be sold out-they've had no one to sell them out to :confused:
I can see the game being played in an empty stadium because ticketarester haven't got anyone any tickets :rolleyes:
It cannae be that hard-give us a date-sell us the tickets on that date-obviously there's so hidden kncak to it :mad:

08/05/2004, 11:06 AM
They better get there act sorted soon enough 8 of us have booked our flights and hotel over from dublin just need tickets now the shower of ****es ! You would think the fai would get there own allocation make it easier for everyone. least we would all be sitting in same section !!!

08/05/2004, 1:37 PM
The FAI just agreed to the game last night. It's Saturday today. I'm sure the tickets will finally go on sale next week. Enjoy the weekend FFS. There's no way the game was sold out in 10 seconds nor that the games are not going ahead as the Council has now finally sorted out whether the Nigerians, the Jamaicans or London's Polish community are going to supply the booze and booty for the official FAI junket. :eek:

08/05/2004, 1:56 PM
Ticket master sound as organised as those bumbaclats that run the post office :( .

09/05/2004, 12:36 PM
Phoned F**kit master this morning still no word, i'm starting to belive yer Dav about that.

09/05/2004, 3:21 PM
Tommorw I'm going to get ma da to ring them at nine; Jon'O says try and get in the lower West-stand-best view.
Fingers crossed :D

10/05/2004, 8:22 AM
Tried the Ticketmaster line again this morning, got thru but they said all sold out! I asked how, as they're "Currently not on sale" on website & they then told they still haven't been told to put them up for sale yet & asked me to try again later today. Unbelievable!

[Liam - living in London (Marylebone)]

10/05/2004, 8:41 AM
Ticketbast*rd are really getting on my nerves. The website says they're currently not on sale and when you ring you get the same message. Anyone have any ideas?

10/05/2004, 10:38 AM
P*** up in a brewery

Posters up in London this morning advertising the tournament with CAFC hotline number for tickets - Phone them and get given another CAFC number, phone them and they say to phone Ticketmaster who haven't got them on sale yet.

Don't think there will be too much problem getting tickets though when they do eventually go on sale.

10/05/2004, 11:16 AM
Ticketbast*rd's phone message is about as useful as a one legged man at an arse kicking competition. "Welcome to the Unity Cup hotline, Tickets are not currently on sale. Please ring back for updates."
In other words: "Please keep ringing back this expensive number while we give you the run around. As well as you having to pay a ridiculous booking fee and service fee on each ticket, we'll try to squeeze every last penny out of you."

I'm not half bitter towards Ticketbasta*d. Good job I can use my work phone to ring.

10/05/2004, 11:21 AM
P*** up in a brewery.Dunno about F*ckwitmaster, but that's the problem with the FAI. Too much time spent organising p*ss ups in breweries...preferably Polish ones. :rolleyes:

11/05/2004, 1:58 PM
-----Original Message-----
From: tickets@cafc.co.uk [mailto:tickets@cafc.co.uk]
Sent: 10 May 2004 17:28
Subject: Re: tickets for Ireland match

Not as yet a final decision on this game is due on wednesday
Ticket Office
0208 333 4010 (Phone)
0208 333 4011 (Fax)
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To: <tickets@cafc.co.uk>
Sent: Monday, May 10, 2004 05:23
Subject: tickets for Ireland match

> Hello,
> Have tickets for the Ireland match gone on sale yet?
> Regards,
> David

Pat O' Banton
11/05/2004, 2:22 PM
No, Dav I don't think their talking about tickets there, as I just phoned up Charlton and was told that they do not know if the tournament is going ahead yet. They should know tomorrow afternoon.

11/05/2004, 3:10 PM
Check out this site.


11/05/2004, 10:52 PM
Check out this site.

Whats the odds that after the "tournament" there will be a picture of "rock on" on their front page?

11/05/2004, 11:10 PM
Yes,don't start a sweepstake that he'll appear sober.....or for that matter,eminent members of the RISSC?
I'm gonna have to get a website going with photos of cheerleaders/dribbling RISSC members........would be too easy!

11/05/2004, 11:27 PM
Dunno about F*ckwitmaster, but that's the problem with the FAI. Too much time spent organising p*ss ups in breweries...preferably Polish ones. :rolleyes:
Blag it!!


Just like Frank "2 Vans" did in Basle.

Barna Bee
12/05/2004, 10:17 AM
try www.ticketmania.co.uk
they appear to be available for sale right now

One Brian Kerr
12/05/2004, 10:29 AM
Never heard of this crowd ticketmania, i think i'll wait until they become availiable on ticketmaster as they are the official supplier

12/05/2004, 11:49 AM

Accoring to Charlton tickets are available on ticketmaster.