View Full Version : Asian Playoff 2nd leg - Updates score

31/10/2001, 3:17 PM
score 1-0 to Iran, putting them 2-0 up on agg
scorer (Ali Daei 7')
but Jashidi was also sent off on 22 mins for Iran

31/10/2001, 3:18 PM
forgot to add thats a half time BTW

31/10/2001, 3:24 PM
Even against 10 men aint no way UAE will score 3!

Ray Treacy might as well start booking those flights 'n hotels in Tehran!

31/10/2001, 3:50 PM
60 mins gone still 1-0

looks like we're off to Iran
start packacking your bags lads

Joe we'll sort it in the morning right :D

31/10/2001, 4:03 PM
What's the atmosphere in the Stadium like, James? Good crowd?

31/10/2001, 4:06 PM
touche :D

pretty good actually
biased home suppporters, u know the usual

both now down to 10 men though my source in abudabbie (!) tells me

31/10/2001, 4:18 PM
just in

3-0 to Iran :playing the last few seconds at the moment

31/10/2001, 4:20 PM
final score

last 2 scorers were
Karim Bagheri 80', Minavind 83'

Pauro 76
31/10/2001, 5:31 PM
Hmmm 4-0 then on aggregate, need to get a good cushion behind us on the first leg, whens the first and second legs on? And what time will RTE show the Iran away leg at? And what are our chances? And why do i ask so many questions?

31/10/2001, 5:50 PM
Originally posted by PAURO 7
And what time will RTE show the Iran away leg at?

Whatever time it's played would be my guess.:)

Pauro 76
31/10/2001, 5:57 PM
Funny guy...funny guy!! Nah, i meant Iranian time converted to Irish time!! :)

31/10/2001, 5:58 PM
I think it's three hours difference.