View Full Version : Crisis?

29/10/2001, 10:58 PM
Are Longford Town enduring a crisis at the moment?

Were they too busy getting carried away with Europe and not concentrating on the LOI?

Whats going wrong?

an 'rock'
30/10/2001, 12:37 PM
nics to see people in blackpool keep up to date on de town, even if it's not really that up to date!

only good things can be said about the longford(unless its keano talking about kirby!)

Pauro 76
30/10/2001, 12:49 PM
Getting my head shaved is a lucky omen!!! Think ill keep it then....not that im superstitous or anything...

31/10/2001, 5:27 AM
I for one certainly hope you can get over your current crisis.After the impressive redevelopement work on Flancare Park it would be a dreadful shame to see you go down.So come on,get sorted out on the playing side! Good luck against Shels.

an 'rock'
31/10/2001, 12:52 PM
teams like shels are no bother, we always seem to get draws after games we should have won!
the reason we'll have the nicest ground in division 1 next year is because we can't beat the likes of monaghan, most of the time we are lucky to get a point out of it.
at least if athlone are anything to go by we'll have 9 points garunteed next season!

31/10/2001, 1:09 PM
Teams don't stay up cos the beat the likes of the top team like Cork City ;)

If ye beat the other end of table battlers ye will stay up.

Its looking more & more like a battle for the playoff spot though. However any team that can finish 9th in the premier should be able to account for 1st division runners up!

31/10/2001, 2:31 PM
Rebel, i mean pete (more names than Home Farm.....) isn't that the point that Rock was making?

31/10/2001, 2:36 PM
more or less i suppose... ;)