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24/04/2010, 1:45 PM
With Bohs on a bad run and we cant stop drawing. It really is a game both teams would like to win. Stating the obvious I know but for the first time this season there is a little daylight between the Top and mid-table. Both teams would want the win so that gap doesnt widen. Hopefully a big crowd for this one.

27/04/2010, 6:03 PM
Not a good night for us. We had the better of the first half but still found ourselves two nil down. Bohs shut up shop and we couldnt create jack in the second half. That was it in a nutshel

06/05/2010, 10:27 AM
just reading con murphy's column on the rte website (link below) If what he says is true (and there is no reason not to believe him) then the club should at least issue an apology or clarify the reason for the action. while i normally find all stewards and gardai decent and friendly, we hardly need to be turning away paying punters!!!


06/05/2010, 12:30 PM
I agree. If the story is true then it was a very silly decision from the club/steward not to let the lads in. I cant think of any reason why someone would not be let in, no matter how late they are. If they want to pay in for a half hour of fooball, then let them.
As for the garda, why he is giving a personal opinion on something like that is beyond me. Not the most professional attitude from a Garda tbh.

The Lep
06/05/2010, 2:28 PM
Im disgusted that someone would be turned away like that. To me it sounds like the stewards took the action themselves and the Guard was out of order unless they were getting abusive which i doubt that they were. The club may not know of the incident nor the event controller so i'd like to get find out if they did or not and what the policy is for late arrivals like these is. If it turns out that the steward just took it on him self to turn them away then he shouldnt be used there anymore and let the MNS chap know that it was the steward and not the club than refused them entry if that was the case.
Anyway, im hoping it was the steward and not the clubs decision away fans or not.