View Full Version : Leinster Senior Cup

14/01/2010, 6:06 PM
Not really familiar with this cup at all, will we be taking this seriously this year? Is there much, if any prize money involved?

First match v Athlone hopefully we'll have a few pre-season games under our belt before hand give the team a chance to gel. What are peoples thoughts on this??

Bray Head
15/01/2010, 7:38 AM
This cup was run for about 90 years up to around 2000 when the LOI clubs pulled out of it. It's a good chance for some competitive fixtures before the season starts.

Grasshopper 99
29/01/2010, 8:19 AM
Think the last season of it was when Bray used one of the cup games in which Jason Byrne was suspended so that he could play in the FAI cup semi against Bohs in Dalymount a week later which we were robbed in, (Avery John, i remember that box on tarzan in front of the ref than the ref disallowed a goal for no reason) and then he still was not allowed to play as the League did not reckonise and was eventually scrapped for Premier league and league teams, but was kept going for the Leinster senior league.

Anyone use wanna comment, or did i get it right?