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25/09/2009, 9:18 PM
why we should be relegated, we all just seen it tonight!!!!!!!
Absolutley shocking, we cant defend, we cant shoot and can barely pass.
We're a yoyo team and it seems to be on its way down, we're just not good enough for the premier division.
Why would you look at a ball going across the 6yard box, massey, deans, skip and webster all starred at the ball and did nothing. why did they seem to be dead on there feet after 75mins, the drogs deserved to win that game, they wanted it more and played the better football.

So First Division next year!!!!!! :mad:

naoise kennedy
25/09/2009, 9:36 PM
never looked like scoring, the only chance we had was with jake in the first half.. i was going to say that deansy was having a good game but after that blunder to give away that goal.. floody looked dead after 50 minutes, thats it i reckon ,, first division next year,. but stranger things have happened..........

25/09/2009, 9:41 PM
deansy had a horrible game, he got turned so easy for the first goal, that was a schoolboy error!! at the end only a few players really looked annoyed on the pitch!!!!

25/09/2009, 9:47 PM
Shields wide on the right? What was Gormley thinking? He brought Flood out on the left, at one stage he showed up at left back. Kelly up front, invisible. Flood knackered so early in the game. Massey with mistake after mistake. The list just goes on and on. Defending was atrocious, midfield and attack non existent. We were no threat at all. No heart, no pride, some of those players are a disgrace to the shirt they wear. Gormley's bringing us to Division One (Devo's back, it's where we belong). I honestly felt sick watching that, shame on them all.

25/09/2009, 10:35 PM
It was a bad night all round. Drogheda's players and fans were up for it from the word go. They came knowing how important this game was and it showed. On the other hand our players and fans were very subdued and nervous and it was easy to see. While not finished it's not a good sign and I think that only a win against pats on monday will let us back into the race. They were first to nearly every 50-50 ball and appeared to run a lot more than our lads. Lack of passion showed by us tonight, disappointing to see. Pity Daz and his experience wasn't out there tonight may have helped with the leadership we are clearly lacking in the middle.

25/09/2009, 10:50 PM
Apart from not being skillful enough, there was no pride or passion tonight and no leadership either on or off the field. Too many players strolling around, looking at each other. I hope they are not just trying to avoid injury before the cup game. Tonight was an insult to fans who paid to get in and wanted to support the team who gave nothing in return.

26/09/2009, 1:39 AM
If anyone was watching after the final whistle from what I could see only Massey and Shields looked even half bothered about what happened.I feel sorry for the younger players, they have been let down badly by the more senior players this year. The likes of Brennan and Mulcahy really needed to step up and show leadership and help the younger guys and either aren't capable or just aren't @rsed. They should be talking the young lads through the game and constantly seeking the ball, both which just don't happen.
Deans was catastrophic tonight, and like the Derry game, cost us a point with his mistakes, and what Mulcahy was doing fcuking around with the ball just after scoring is beyond me. Someone of his experience should have known to just fcuking deal with it and ask questions later, and after he messed up he should have taken gaynor down and taken the card. I fear thats it for our chances of staying up after that display. Imo only Massey and Shields can say they gave their all tonight, and as such are the only two players who can hold their heads high. They may not be the most skillfull players we've ever had but at least they play for the shirt with passion, which was sadly lacking last night

26/09/2009, 10:37 AM
First half was one of the worst all season tbh .The second was a much improved affair from both sides .You were unlucky as you hit the post , if that had of went in who knows .From our point of view it was great to see the players get stuck in and keep going til the end as we have been fading badly in the last 15 mins recently .I would love to see pats go down automatically but im not that botherd who it is as long as its not us . The worst of luck for the rest of the season lads ;) What was with the anti drogs banner :confused:

26/09/2009, 12:04 PM
I don't think Pender should be captain after last night's game. He got easily wound up and frustrated and in the last fifteen minutes I was convinced he'd get himself sent off. He also seemed to give up a bit towards the end.

Imo, our main problem was creating chances. Apart from the goal and Kelly's shot in the first half, every other chance was a shot from outside the box and only Doyle's one was close. If we can't create better chances against the side above us then we're in trouble.

I'm really disappointed with the result and the performance and, even more so after last night, I can't see us beating Pats.

centre mid
26/09/2009, 5:34 PM
Keeping hold of the ball was a problem too lat night, nobody was able to put their foot on it and pick a pass. There was very little creativity from either side in fairness, two nervous teams in the first half. I thought Conor Kenna had a really good game for them in the second half. The acillies heal has been the lack of a goalscorer all season and probably since Eamon Zayed in all honesty, if Devo can pull another Zayed or Byrne out of this hat then I'll be glad he is back involved with the club.

28/09/2009, 8:45 AM
Was Devo at the game?

28/09/2009, 9:51 AM
So frustrated leaving the match on Friday, after the hard work of scoring we then sit back and let them come at us. We were on the front foot and should have went for the winner. Both teams were poor but that was to be expected with so much at stake. Overall both teams had decent chances but were poor, we didnt deserve to loose but we didnt take our chances and such is football. At this point in time i just can't see us getting out of it but i hope i'm wrong.

28/09/2009, 11:43 AM
1st Division next year if we lose tonight. For definite...Come on Bray