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10/10/2001, 3:32 PM
Check this out.......

Bin Liner (http://network54.com/Realm/pantyhoho/olliebinliner.gif)


10/10/2001, 3:34 PM
Class! The guy has to be just about the greatest thug in Irish football, but because he's a director of MUFC Irleand Inc., he gets away with it. I wish someone would press charges against him and get rid of him for once and for all!

10/10/2001, 4:16 PM
.......the story goes that the guards told the Derry lads they'd have to turn up at the station the next day to press charges but when they found out at least one lived in dublin tried to discourage him to so. I would think this just standard gauard practice of trying to avoid the paperwork.

Apparently at least 1 derry fan did present himself at the garda station & said he'd like to press charges to assault against Ollie. If this is true the guards will at the very least have to investigate. Seeing as he has a history of such acts (if a fan did they'd be thrown out of the ground or banned) that since he a club official make so much worse he really should be brought before the league & answer for his actions!