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rebel yell
10/06/2001, 5:30 PM
I s there anyway of getting reporters in Irish papers to mention this site? This would help extend users and make site more interesting and topical. Or could City match programme mention it? It pays to advertise!

11/06/2001, 7:41 PM
We'd love to advertise this site. But that takes money - and we don't have any! (What with it being a free site and all that)

11/06/2001, 7:53 PM
sponsoring one of those bannery things we're doing up.
which we r taking to europe. last year we got front page of the echo on the day we flew out and we got to show whatever flags etc we had. could be good publicity if there was one of us holding banner/flag at either end with phootball.com - CCFC written on it.

worth the investment for front page of echo surely?

also there will be numerous pics taken out there which should get shown in the matchday programme

just a few thoughts..you dont have to go all out tv coverage/ads but a small few pounds spent in the right way colud work out, especially if either of the 2 games are being shown live on rte

11/06/2001, 8:10 PM
The input is much appreciated lads. I don't think we're doing all that bad at the moment, all things considered - although I'm a bit confused why some people wanted to be moderators - so I think we're going to try and get the site built before we start putting the name out there. We're going to be moving domain names shortly too, so it'd be a right waste of money to put phootball.com on a banner... :)

Anyway, Gaz came up with a logo today, and I'm working on a layout and code, so when we get something presentable together we'll move to the new domain and think about ways of getting the name out there. Seriously though, your comments are appreciated. Keep 'em coming.


11/06/2001, 8:38 PM
me i'm an egomaniac.
i'm in it for the power and the glory:D :cool:

don't mind any **** and bull story bout the love of the game...i'm in for the birds man...:D :D

11/06/2001, 10:42 PM
birds? what birds? are you talking about Latvia and Amsterdam again James?

12/06/2001, 12:12 AM
Don't forget my hoes in Sweden!

Jim Smith
12/06/2001, 9:02 AM
You went to Sweden to do some gardening? Hmmm, it takes all sorts I suppose.

12/06/2001, 12:25 PM