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02/10/2001, 2:25 PM
The club have decided to have this game at 6pm. Are the Fookin stupid or what. You've no hope of making public transport either to the smoke or to Galway by the time the match finishes. This will rule out a lot of people from going to the game. Apparently the reason it's this kick off time is to avoid clashing with the Roscommon Gah final (???) and some no mark slashers game. I think this decision is a joke and gives the impression that we are some kinda lesser sport in the area. I for one am not happy with this decision.....

btw Xlex - any chance of a lift back to the smoke sunday evening?

Pauro 76
02/10/2001, 3:35 PM
6 pm???? your right Macy what a total joke. Mid afternoon is always the ideal time for Sunday kick-offs, are they having us on or what!!!

03/10/2001, 8:42 AM
Fookin stupid alright, can get fook all right apart from Saturday nights. What was wrong with 5pm??

Macy - I'm unsure of what will happen Sunday, but will keep you posted.

03/10/2001, 3:19 PM
Campaign to get it shifted to 5.30 has started. I've spoken to a couple of people and made the point about those having to get the train back to Junkie land

03/10/2001, 3:22 PM
What can I do to help!!!!

or is it a one man campaign!!


Pauro 76
03/10/2001, 3:31 PM
Count me in lads...together we can stop this....

03/10/2001, 3:39 PM
......it's a big f.u.c.k.i.n train, it's going to take three of us,

......Love the effort Pauro7........ :D