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naoise kennedy
17/04/2009, 9:13 PM
A fair result in the end, Derry looked very good in the first half but where nowhere in the second. Paddy coming made a huge difference. Deansy and Foran were again excellent in the centre, also Brennan ran his socks off. Up front Flood and Byrne had solid games, man of match McCabe (beside the goal) was fantastic. There number six should have been sent off in the first half which leads me to the ref.. an absolute disgrace, one of the worst i've seen..

centre mid
17/04/2009, 10:47 PM
There number six should have been sent off in the first half which leads me to the ref.. an absolute disgrace, one of the worst i've seen..

Steven Gray was the player, the ref bottled that decision I thought, had a poor game.

18/04/2009, 1:14 AM
Was the same ref who sent off Robson in Cork, but let the Cork players away with kicking the ball away after the whistle numerous times in the second half and didin't send Danny Murphy off for his scandalous tackle on Pender which has seen him miss every game since. So little was to be expacted from the ref in all honesty. Poor isn't a strong enough adjective to discribe him.

Also the linesman in front of us was incredibly bad. Didn't make a decision on his own all game and on two or three occasions he let the ref, who was twenty yards further away from the incident than him, make his decisions for him. Haven't seen as incompetant a linesman in a good while.

18/04/2009, 9:26 AM
although he did miss mccabe punching a derry player in the back in the 1st half.

good game, which just don't seem tyo have an out and out goalscorer to put the ball away. these draws are going to count against us in the long run

18/04/2009, 11:44 AM
I thought you were pretty good in the second half but we did nothing!
Btw thanks to all the fellas who donated some money for my marathon run for the childrens cancer trust fund, it was very much appreciated!

20/04/2009, 10:47 AM
Firstly, Derry fans - excellent as usual ! best fans in the League by a mile.

ld saying goes it was a game of 2 halfs really. Derry pretty much dominated the 1st half and Bray pretty much had all the 2nd half. Draw was an over all fair result i reckon but in saying that Derry might count themselves unlucky not to be more than one up at half time and Bray would count themselves unlucky to have hit the woodowrk again and to be still playing against 11 men.

Gray's challenge was horrible, really nasty tackle. The ref botteled it totally in sending Gray off and instead gave him a yellow. 10 minutes later McCabe goes past him like his not there, Gray decideds to swap jerseys during the game and not as much as a look from the ref. Yet another inept and shocking display from a LoI ref.