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20/11/2003, 7:25 PM

I am a football fan from Blackpool who has visited hundreds of clubs around Britain and Europe, and I am doing a project about the visits and the clubs, highlighting major achievements of each club. For this, I have tried to include a scanned image of the cover of the major programmes, but I have been unable to locate some images for Bray, who I saw in action two years ago. Would anybody on here have a copy of the match programme from the 1990 FAI final v Saint Francis or the three 99 FAI final games v Finn Harps that they could scan in and email to me at snw1953@lycos.co.uk?

Thanks for reading,


28/11/2003, 6:22 PM
yep i have the 1999 ones, could be a while before i scan 'em though, bloody college exams......

28/11/2003, 8:04 PM
That would be great, whenever you get time. Although I'm fifty now, I still remember when i was doing my college exams, so best of luck with them!