View Full Version : Ireland-Portugal

01/06/2001, 8:18 PM
Predictions for tomorrow...


01/06/2001, 8:24 PM
1-0 Ireland
Harte from a free kick or a goal resulting from a set-piece more then likely


01/06/2001, 10:24 PM
I'll stay on the fence and go with 1-0. Ireland to take the lead in the first half, before Portugeuse domination in the second eventually yields a late equaliser. What's the odds on Glen Crowe not making any sort of appearance?

02/06/2001, 12:30 PM
Got a ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on Glen........Warm that Bench!

06/06/2001, 1:07 AM
Once again,Mick McCarthy showed how negative he is in his tactics.After surviving such a torrid first half with our goal still intact,we did come back well at Portugal and deservedly took the lead through Roy Keane.I felt we had the beating of the Portugese at that stage,but what did our manager do then??? The same old thing as usual,sit back and defend the lead and let them come at us.It was only inevitable that Portugal were going to score.What is up with McCarthy? Has'nt he not learned from previous experience? Even I know that when you get the breaks and go one up,you don't sit back against one of the greatest attacking teams in the world.He may have been happy with the point,but to me we've dropped two and lost the initiative at the top.We're staring at a play-off place at best,if we're lucky,and we all know where that got us in the past.