View Full Version : Predictions Cup - First Round draw

pineapple stu
20/11/2008, 12:54 PM
Meant to do this the last time...

We've 18 players so far, so I've put everyone into an open round of 16 draw. The ties with three people will see only the winner progress. In the event of a tie, it's the highest one-leg score followed by the highest number of correct predictions that progresses. In the event of a 0-0 draw, neither player will go through, and instead the best loser will go through. You enter just by posting your predictions as normal.

The schedule is -

Round One First Leg - 11/02/09 and 28/03/09
Round One Second Leg - 01/04/09
Quarter Final First Leg - 06/06/09
Quarter Final Second Leg - 10/06/09
Semi Final First Leg - 05/09/09
Semi Final Second Leg - 09/09/09
Final First Leg - 10/10/09
Final Second Leg - 14/10/09

The First Round draw is -
eirebhoy v schumi v carrickharp
Con-Con v bennocelt v Cymro
cobra v ltfc_2004
The Good Son v gustavo
passinginterest v ifk101
The Boss v Kingdom
sligoman v Pike B
highlight100 v pineapple stu

Any new players will go into the draw in game 3, then game 4, etc.