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A face
25/10/2003, 8:17 AM
Linfield release Paul Dalglish

PAUL DALGLISH (21st October 2003)
When Paul Dalglish joined Linfield Football Club this summer, it was on the understanding that he would travel to Belfast on the Thursday, train with the full squad on the Thursday night, carry out promotional activities on the Friday, and fly home after the game on the Saturday. It was felt that this arrangement was flexible enough to give Linfield the benefits of a full-time player and also allow Paul to continue with his family and business commitments on the mainland.

However, following discussions between the Linfield management and the player, it has become apparent that Paul's commitments elsewhere have been increasing recently and that the Club were not getting the benefits that had originally been anticipated. Paul has found it difficult to combine the demands and expectations of Linfield, whilst maintaining a balance with his personal commitments.

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